Andrea Arel LMT

Andrea has been a massage therapist for the past 18 years and still has a practice in Jeremy Ranch. Seven years ago she experienced her first concussion. After a few months of recovery she went back to skiing and mountain biking only to find each bump recreated some new issues in her head. After two years she felt better. Then her 2 yr old son head butted her and this time things changed in her brain. Memory loss, head pains, not being able to add numbers and just plain not feeling good every day was her new reality. That's when Andrea took a concussion test with Think Head First in Park City and was sent to a therapist who did Interactive Metronome with her. Within a few weeks Andrea had increased her short term memory and felt better. After 18 sessions she was back to normal.  The changes were all due to Interactive Metronome. That is why she is now offering this therapy to others.

Andrea has been studying the brain since 2003 when she lost her sister to brain cancer. Over the years Andrea watched what dementia and Parkinson's disease did to her father. Knowing that Interactive Metronome really makes positive changes in our brains  has inspired Andrea to reach out to as many people who need this as possible.

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