Brain Training for Athletes

To be the BEST, an athlete has the opportunity to train their mind, body and now their BRAIN.

Like any muscle in the body that needs to be finely tuned for peak performance, the human brain can also be trained by increasing, regenerating and strengthening the neural pathways in the brain. Strengthening and training the neural pathways using the Interactive Metronome┬«, a computer based technology, can increase an athlete's rhythm, timing, coordination, concentration, focus, balance, decision making, cognitive processing speed, motor planning and sequencing.

For sports people, the difference between making the team and being cut from it; from coming in 1st or 3rd place; between winning and losing; can sometimes be measured in seconds and inches. The smallest difference between you and your competitors determines who will fulfill their dreams and aspirations of being the best and who will not.

Brain training is the "latest frontier" for student, amateur, aspiring and elite athletes

Sports people throughout the US who are utilizing this type of training are experiencing these benefits, resulting in increased sporting performance.


  • "I am in the right place at the right time."
  • "I feel I get less mentally tired at practice since we started training."
  • "I tend to have a better time of zoning out all that is around me aside from the task at hand."
  • "I can adjust to a defense better, especially reading the blitz and calling audibles."
  • "I have been able to concentrate more at looking the ball into my hands."
  • "My ability on defense to read routes and offensive formations and react to plays has improved greatly."
  • "My reading concentration has improved and I now read much faster."
  • "I feel my body is more in sync with my mind and it reacts better than prior to (IM) training."