The Metronome Brain Gym


The client will wear a set of headphones along with a sensor on the hand while clapping to the metronome beat. The point of these sessions is to clap as close to the beat as possible. With repetition, synchronization occurs. The more synchronization the better the timing in the brain. Better timing is the goal.  The repetition builds new pathways in the brain.  This is Neuroplasticity.

The sessions are for about 1 hr, 3 - 5  times a week for about 12 sessions.  The length of the sessions varies with each person due to age and or brain issue.  Each session is $75 or adjusted for time.



Clients are given an initial test to determine how close their natural timing is to ideal timing. This initial testing looks for close proximity to the metronome beat,the ability to do left side and right side activities, the ability to do bilateral timing movements and the ability to coordinate both sides of the body while balancing on one foot or the other.
Participants' strengths and weaknesses on these activities are used to individualize their training. Exercises are selected for students to strengthen particular areas of weakness.