The Weilenmann School of Discovery after-school program

The director of Weilenmann School of Discovery, Cindy Phillips,  has asked me, Andrea Arel,  to bring The Metronome Brain Gym to the after school program starting February 29, 2016 through May 27, 2016. She has studied the data on this program and believes this will improve the processing speed and much more in the students who complete this program. 


Each session is $75. Your child will need 12 sessions or more. This is based on computer scores so it may be up to 18 sessions. Most children graduate on the 12th session. $900 is the minimum cost. $1350 is the maximum cost.  

Program description:

The class is limited to three students per session ranging from k-8th grade. Its preferred to have 2 students from K-4th grade and 1 from 5-8th for each session. 

Sessions;  3:15 - 4:15  and 4:15 - 5:15

Your child will need to attend at least 3 times per week. A minimum of 12 sessions is needed. 

Each session will be about 50 minutes which include 30 minutes on the Interactive metronome computer and 20 minutes doing brain exercises. Additional time is spent talking with the student to assess needs. 

This is very flexible depending on your childs abilities. Some sessions might be shorter. All this can be worked out according to your childs needs and your schedule. 


I'm giving everyone 2 months to pay this. No interest. I believe so much in this program that I'm willing to let you pay after your child has graduated the program.  

 The Metronome Brain Gym: 

Interactive Metronome is the basis of our program. We also incorporate many other modalities based on individual needs.​ Hand-eye coordination games, spelling games, word games, ball bouncing, computer games like BrainHQ, we can even incorporate their homework into the program. The end results are what matters. Your child will be able to: STAY FOCUSED ON THE TASK AT HAND,  ORGANIZE THOUGHTS, AVOID DISTRACTIONS, CONTROL IMPULSES, AND MANAGE EMOTIONS. With this control a child is no longer struggling. They feel more confident. They are now participating in their own lives. 

I get that that's a big claim. I know it happens. I know it works.